Thank you for considering our pets! The HSSTT is here for you before, during, and after your adoption. Our staff will do their best to provide you with every available informational and support resource for both the transition phase and long-term ownership. Our goal is to place our adoptable pets in their forever homes! The adoption process is designed to ensure the best chance of a successful match, based on the owner’s lifestyle and the pet’s individual personality.




All fees include wellness check, de-worming, current flea/tick/heart-worm prevention, vaccinations, microchip, and spay/neuter surgery. Pet ‘starter kits’ are available for purchase including supplies and toys.

Dogs and puppies: $100

The higher fee for puppies helps cover the multiple vaccine appointments,
and the additional medical care they require to prepare them for adoption.

Cats and Kittens: $50

Most kittens must be adopted in pairs.

Other small domestic animals: $50 
The adoption fee for dog and cats includes spay and neutering, a microchip, vaccinations, and a nametag.

ALL animals that have been in our care for longer than six months have
waived adoption fees.

We offer a senior citizen discount on adoptions.

Email us at for assistance.