TRAP - NEUTER - Return

Community Cats (sometimes called feral cats) recall so many different images and concepts for everyone. But community cat populations have a significant impact on the lifesaving ability of every animal rescue organization in the world. Community cats include feral, semi-feral, abandoned/stray, and friendly cats living outdoors. Many colonies have human caretakers, who feed them and watch over them on a regular basis.

In a Trap-Neuter-Return program, community cats are humanely trapped, brought to a veterinarian to be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, ear tipped (the universal sign that a community cat has been neutered and vaccinated), and then returned to their outdoor home. The benefits of a TNR’d community cat colony include healthy vaccinated cats, a stable colony size, a controlled population with no new kittens, cat provided rodent control and increased lifesaving of cats across the island.

TNR- Trap-Neuter-Return

• Stabilizes feral cat colonies

• Improves cats’ lives

• It Works – other methods just don’t

• Less kittens are born

• Answers the needs of the community

• Protect cats’ lives

Do you have a “community cat” colony that you are caring for? Can you be a caretaker to a colony of “community cats”? Please call us at (340)-775-0599.
For information about how to care for community cats download our TNR Manual below.