Harness Lead Giveaway

Harness Leads are here!
All staff members, + volunteers who qualified for the giveaway or emailed in your order, please come on in 💛 to collect yours!
When: Thursday 4/6,  4-7pm during Paws for Bedtime🌙🧸🌟🦮💛🐈 !
Where: We will have a table in the parking lot on the nursery side
Come by, pick up your new leash and paw it to use right away🐾!
Walk 2 dogs, 4 dogs, cuddle a cat or provide some care, any amount of time you can give is so appreciated💛!
Mandatory: Please watch the short Harness Lead instructional videos prior to using your lead!
Links to the video tutorials are on our VIC homepage,  within the HSSTT Dogwalking Manual. 
Our hope is that the community will watch and support each other in learning how to use them properly.  
They are copied below for convenience:

Dog Walking Manual

Please be sure to take a moment to watch both Harness Lead How-To Videos within.   Here is the first one for a sneak peek:

Harness Lead How-To Video

Three cheers for our sponsor Globally Clean – Everyday Actions for a Harmonious Planet. Please support Globally Clean by shopping their display of organic cotton reusable produce bags available at Fruit Bowl and Moe’s Red Hook. All proceeds support environmental and animal welfare initiatives like this one
Thank you and enjoy the lead!”